Yorkston Thorne Khan live at Latitude

I first saw Yorkston Thorne Khan a year or two ago at the Great Escape festival. Their short show was a peculiar mixture of all their backgrounds and influences. I enjoyed everything they did, but when they finished with Sufi Song my eyes filled with tears and I was genuinely transported.


Yorkston Thorne Khan are a strange group. Superficially they seem to have little in common, but they clearly enjoy each other’s company enough to tour for a couple of years, record two albums, and keep producing surprising and beautiful music together. And they’re relaxed, confident, capable and utterly charming.


Suhail Yusuf Khan’s stunningly powerful voice and ethereal sarangi bring a heady exoticism to the acoustic guitar and double bass of Folk legend James Yorkston and peripatetic jazz bassist Jon Thorne, but they share everything equally, and never try to overpower each other. This music doesn’t need percussion to find deeply infectious hooks and beats in Thorne’s funky bass and Yorkston’s light touch with the guitar.


One thing that Yorkston brings is a love of Scottish surrealist poet/musician/comedian Ivor Cutler. I never thought I’d hear someone cover Little Black Buzzer but, amazingly, they make it work.


They all talk to the crowd with equal humour, humility and levity. Just as they play their instruments around each other whilst never treading on each other’s retrospective metaphorical toes.


They play Sufi Song again today, and what a transcendent, sublime blending of their skills it is! Although Khan carries us away with his voice, they work together like a well-oiled machine, the looping guitar and insistent bassline pushing them forward. Much like a raga, they weave repeating phrases around and around, and build steadily to a deeply dramatic ending.


Simply three guys who somehow met and got on, having fun and being absolutely brilliant at what they do!



A version of this review first appeared at fringereview.co.uk


2 thoughts on “Yorkston Thorne Khan live at Latitude

    1. You describe their bond, their creativity and the gig so beautifully. Jon Thorne is my brother and we went to watch them play at The Band on the Wall in Manchester recently. It was unforgettable. Thank you for this review. ❤

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