The Great Escape 2016 – Day One: Thursday




Tom Walker outside the Station:

Nice voice, nice guitar, nice songs. Will be looking him up later.


Wild Feathers at Spiegeltent:

Crosby, Stills & Mash. With extra cheese. Big sound. Like going back in time, in a nice way! They smile a lot. Which is nice.


Miamigo at the New Road stage:

Melodramatic, falsetto fakery. This kind of backwards look at 80s-synth-pop fetishism should be outlawed. When the wind caught the singer’s hair he really loved it. Twats.


Oktoba at the New Road Pop-Up Stage,

…Meanwhile, is sublime. Looks like a good friend of my girlfriend’s, but that’s not influencing my opinion either way. The soothing folk acoustica contrasts beautifully with the drunken dramas of the travellers all around him, who’ve been evicted from their favourite bench to make room.


Mabel at the Wagner Hall:

This is billed as an acoustic gig, but isn’t. I think it’d be better if it were. Mabel looks about 12, so it comes as no surprise that she covers Destiny’s Child. And doesn’t do anything of her own with it. Boring, chart-flirting lowest-common-denominator’s popularism.


The New York Brass Band

are a new brass band from York. They’re really fun, and get the crowd very happy. Sadly, because of the mess we’ve got our culture in, they do this by playing covers of Eurythmics, Ah-Ha and Rick Astley. A good idea spoiled by fashion.


The Voodoo Love Orchestra at the New Road stage:

8-piece brass band in leopard-print having actual fun playing brilliant Colombian jazz/swing/samba deliciousness. Absolutely excellent in every way!


Dagny at the Komedia:

When I was 22, my old housemate used to look up a porn site on my computer called “Cum on Dagny” (other porn sites are, apparently, available).

This is only the second time I’ve come across (*ahem*) the name. Back then it was just an ugly moniker. Tonight it’s the cause of significant grinning.

Anyway: I cannot imagine ever being happy or upbeat enough to write bubblegum pop like this. Feels like it should be the soundtrack to a 9-year-old girl’s birthday party.

A bukkake party of pop!


Leif Erikson at Komedia:

Oh look! A band that sound like themselves! I mean, they’re not a totally new sound or anything, but it’s pretty much Lovely-out-of-ten.

Good bass!


Pumarosa at the Komedia:


The frontwoman is playing a left-handed guitar right-handed, which immediately endears me to her. The bassist looks like he’s taken a Vow of Coolness, where he can’t express any emotion behind his absurd moustache. But I have to forgive his facial fur when he’s making a noise like this!

If Portishead, Early-goldfrapp, the Cocteau Twins and PJ Harvey had an orgy, it would sound like this. I would so totes go to that orgy!

The last track is Priestess. Fucking awesome!

My new favourite band. For today at least!…



Pumarosa, though I should be clear that when viewed on YouTube when I got home, some of the fantastic energy of that gig seemed to be diminished in the recording process. Keep music live!


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