Latitude 2015 round-up

latitude 1

This was my first visit to Latitude, and I really enjoyed it. It’s certainly true that it’s a family-friendly festival, and also that it’s quite middle-class, but I don’t think that’s an awful thing at all. Not every party has to be unsafe in order to be fun.

And the presence of children is nice. As someone who grew up going to Glastonbury, I think this is a lovely environment for kids to be in. Having said that, I’d quite like it if all the grumpy-looking sixteen-year-old girls would stop looking glum at the front row of every gig.

The location is stunning, and the range of acts is pretty broad and well-selected. I’ll be back.

At any festival there will be more going on than you can fit in, so here are all my thoughts that I either can’t or won’t turn into full reviews.

Trevor Sensor. I Stumbled across him wowing a small but selective crowd on the Lake Stage on Saturday morning. Sounds like a young Bob Dylan. Great voice, great songs. Really good. One to watch.

Tom Robinson Band: Old men using clever lyrics and real skill to showcase their rather lovely right-on politics, with (rare) appropriate use of the violin/fiddle.

Robinson is truly charismatic, and entirely, joyously comfortable on stage. His relaxed, happy demeanour was infectious. The atmosphere in this tent was incredibly warm and affectionate, and it was a pleasure to be a part of.

Drenge: Ridiculously, almost-unacceptably young thrash-guitar three-piece. Beautifully noisy.

The singer’s out of tune, but who cares?

Reminded me of: Smashing Pumpkins (a bit), and Bush (remember them?).

A lot of shoes were thrown. Good work boys; let’s go barefoot!

Finally, it’s hard to stretch this opinion out into a review as such, but obviously sitting on the grass in the sun, drinking cold beer and watching Jose Gonzalez gently lull us all into a soppy mess was pure bliss.

Tom Beesley


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